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Drinks at Bar Six

Here at Bar Six Sandbach we have something for everyone, specialising in Craft Beer, small batch Artisan Gin, Cocktails and last but not least fine wine from all over the globe. Hence the name Bar Six we have six of everything, our menu rotates each and every month giving you endless options.



We have 6 taps With Paulaner Helles Lager, a tradiotanl flavoursome munich lager & Kona Big Wave, a light and floral golden ale being the two permanent lines. The other 4 lines rotate on a regular basis with beers from some of the worlds best craft breweries and more often than not we will have something pouring from one of the fantastic breweries based in the North West.


We love sourcing Gins from some of the UK's wide array of small batch distilleries. Each month we will have a varied list of Gins on offer, from traditional dry styles, fruity & floral, heavily spiced and everything in between.


Who doesn't love a cocktail eh? We have an array of classic cocktails each and every month from Espresso Martinis to Negronis. We always have a selection of Gin based cocktails & Prosecco based cocktailson our board as well as the odd Rum & Vodka based cocktail.


Here at Bar Six we pride ourselves on having one of the best wine selections in the town. We hand pick each months wine list selecting some more unusual and unheard of grape varieties. We also import a selection of Italian wines ourselves from small independent cantinas.


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